The Magic of Life
The Magic of Life

The Magic of Life

Por: Kayla Dreams

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God has given you something sublime. Something you have been expecting anxiously. Something which can be considered magic, a divine gift. You have been given the greatest gift someone could ever receive... The gift of life! Among the many things life will provide you is personalized teaching, made just for you... This book will help you work your sensitivity, so that you will be able to see it! It is fundamental to be aware that there is magic energy surrounding our existence. Such energy is responsible for keeping us alive, making trees grow and bearing fruit, evoking the wind, instigating birds to sing, making our planet goes round its right orbit and above all... making the sun shine perpetually! Try to connect to this magic energy which will be called in this book as the magic of life. Connect to this energy every single day. Remember... The days are unique, they will neither be the same nor repeat! 


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