The Lord of Time
The Lord of Time

The Lord of Time

Por: Rogério Hetmanek

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This work raises an inevitable reflection among those who seek real meaning for the existence of all beings in subjecting all possible realities to the ways in which shape is established and achieved and which concerns everything related to the Truth in Nature.
In a creative, innovative way, the author of The Lord of Time provides us with an original interpretation of time, space, and the various positions human beings occupy within time and space, as well as their inherent relationship with Nature.
In this work, the author answers enduring inquiries and ancient human quests by encouraging human beings to seek the true meaning of life.
It is a timely reflection on the current epistemological paradigm, which is based on a partial knowledge of the Truth, and now receives the encouragement to understand what the universal principle that acts as a foundation for the Truth of Nature is. Such a principle is necessarily ontological. In other words, it captures each entity in their corresponding being as the entity is formed in the being, both in identity and unity with, and in the totality of the entities. This takes us to the issue of radical Metaphysics without having to fear the modern prejudice against it. There is no way out: quite the opposite, it is mandatory to do so using its own terms; being, essence and entity, which our Brazilian Portuguese language allows us to do without constraint.
There is no doubt that this is a revealing work!


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