Maria Decides to Live
Maria Decides to Live

Maria Decides to Live

Por: José Wilson Munari, Simone Pedersen

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Maria Decides to Live is Maria’s motivational biography; a Brazilian woman who discovers she would die is she didn’t get a lung transplant. The story of a wife and mother who decides to fight for her life and the co-existing with her family, which gathers around the goal of saving mom’s life. Five people give up everything: jobs, studies and friends. They move to the United States in search of the lungs that would save her. Five years of fighting against a terminal illness, its complications, its medications’ side effects, and the insane anxiety of waiting the phone to ring and give the news of the arrival of the new lungs. Years trying to live a normal life, in spite of the fear of death. The story of a woman who fought like a wounded tigress against all adversities and won, being the example that everything is possible when a family unites in love.


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